BS 6465-1:1994

Sanitary installations. Code of practice for scale of provision, selection and installation of sanitary appliances
ISBN: 0580232751

January, 1995

British Standards Institution

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Cross References: BS 1010*BS 1125*BS 1188*BS 1189*BS 1244:Part 1*BS 1244:Part 2*BS 1254*BS 1329 *BS 1390*BS 1876*BS 4305:Part 1*BS 4467 *BS 4880:Part 1*BS 5250*BS 5385:Part 1*BS 5412:Part 3*BS 5503:Part 1*BS 5503:Part 2*BS 5503:Part 3*BS 5504:Part 1*BS 5504:Part 2*BS 5504:Part 3*BS 5504:Part 4*BS 5505:Part 1*BS 5505:Part 2*BS 5505:Part 3*BS 5506:Part 1*BS 5506:Part 2*BS 5506:Part 3*BS 5520*BS 5572 *BS 5619*BS 5627*BS 5720*BS 5810*BS 5889*BS 5906*BS 5925*BS 6100:Section 3.3 *BS 6340:Part 1*BS 6340:Part 2*BS 6340:Part 3 *BS 6340:Part 4*BS 6340:Part 5*BS 6340:Part 6 *BS 6340:Part 7*BS 6340:Part 8*BS 6675*BS 6700*BS 6731*BS 7357*BS 7358*BS 7671*BS 8000*BS 8301*BS 8313*BS EN 203:Part 1*BS EN 232*BS EN 251*BS EN 60335-2-60* BS 1206*

Superseded by BS 6465-1:2006 but remains current.

Keywords :Sanitary appliances; Selection; Design; Installation; Domestic facilities; Residential facilities; Disabled people; Public lavatories; Office buildings; Factories; Shops (buildings); Schools; Entertainment facilities; Hotels; Restaurants; Bars (refreshment facilities); Swimming pools; Access; Ventilation; Dimensions; Dimensional space requirements; Maintenance; Cleaning ; Baths; Showers; Bidets; Sinks; Draining boards; WC pans; Toilet seats; Flushing cisterns; Wash-basins; Hand-rinse basins; Dri